Becca's Page:

Welcome to my page. Here you will find all sorts of pictures and stories about me and my horse activities.

I am 18 and have graduated high-school. I spend my time helping Mom in the house, working, doing a lot of studying, and spending time working with my horses, a 5 year old Percheron gelding named Ben, and a Percheron stud colt named Levi! I give piano lessons as a source of income, though, I don't have very many students. I am hoping that this will change, soon! I also work at a Morgan stable in Holcombe, WI.

I have had many people ask me what I am going to do now after graduation. To let you all know....My plans aren't that different than what I am doing now! I am planning on learning some cooking, sewing, and other household skills that will make me a good wife and mother, eventually. I am also planning on improving my horsemanship skills in the draft horses. I am currently apprenticing with a farrier and am planning on taking some equine vet courses this winter.

My hobbies include working with my horse, playing piano, and scrapbooking. I also like to do picture slide-shows on DVD's.

I am currently involved with a couple horse groups. I am the Vice-President of the Flambeau Riders' horse club and am the Draft Horse Superintendent of the Rusk County Fair. For those of you who are wondering what the Draft Horse Superintendent is, I am in charge of raising the prize money for the Draft Horse classes; I also am in charge of trying to get people to bring their horses to the fair. SO, I get to go to a lot of meetings right now.

I help Matt with his business, especially when he enters a float in any of the parades. I enjoy riding on them with either Matt or Dad, whoever isn't driving the truck! Here are some pictures from the last couple parades we went to:

Matt and I at the Colon, MI. 4th of July Parade!

Matt and I at the Bruce, WI. Blue Hills Festival Parade!


To see some pictures of "The Boys" and some of our shows--click here!