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Hi, I am Matthew Jorgensen, owner and operator of ICS Computers & More. This is my home page.

I am a former Home Schooled student. I have been homeschooled beginning in First Grade. I am now graduated from school and running ICS Computers & More full time.

First off, I want to take time to personally thank all of my clients who have helped to make my business a success. Without you, this would not exist!

Waiting for the parade to start.


This is me and my most prized possession; my 1984 Mercedes-Benz 300SD Turbo Diesel! (219,500 miles!)


I have many hobbies other than PC's, though my computer is involved in almost everything I do. I like to snowmobile in the winter time and have two John Deere Liquifire snowmobiles for that purpose.

I have a fetish for music, and by far Studio Recording is my favorite hobby. I listen mostly to Contemporairy Christian Music, Gospel or Country.

I also will occasionally play PC games, though I am by no means a gamer. Most of my PC time is spent doing one of the following:

    Checking Email

    Surfing the various news forums I'm subscribed to

    Editing Digital Video

    Listening to music


For more information on my Car Hobbies, click here

For my newest project, building a woodstove, click here.(Under Construction.)

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