Theresa's Page

Greetings from Wisconsin! Here is a way to keep up with me and what I'm doing! First off I want to show you some pictures of my house.

My Living Room.
My Living Room from my Bedroom door.
My Kitchen with the beautiful cabinets my Amish neighbors made.
My bedroom...the bathroom is in the right hand corner just out of site.

I like to go to Curves about three times a week. (Being that town is only 4 miles away, it doesn't take me long to get there either!) I have made some friends that I like to do things with and I have my dog, Chelsea, who keeps me hopping too!

Chelsea and I at a friends house!


I like to have Michelle's family over for dinner and I help David with the calves in the barn when Rebecca goes to a horse show with her horse. I also enjoy going out and helping the kids stack wood in the summer whenever Matthew is cutting wood. I stay very active in the summer with helping Michelle and Rebecca mow lawn and work in the garden too! Once winter hits, though, I ususally just try to stay inside as it is too cold for my liking! Winter time is when I like to do "indoor" things, like shopping or going to concerts, with friends.

I turned 75 in November and Michelle and Rebecca threw a birthday luncheon on me. Here are some pictures:

My birthday cake made by my friend, Nancy.
Some of my friends and I talking before lunch.
Our Lunch!
LOOK! It's the Birthday girl!!




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