SkyVista Satellite Internet

In Depth Look at a SkyVista System


We are quite sure that there are some inquisitive minds out there who would like to see a more indepth look at our system. So, here it is!

The Feed electronics. These are what do the actual transmitting and recieving. The consist of the LNB (small object on top) the BUC (or transmitter, the large object on the bottom; ours is a 2 watt) and feed unit with horn, which ties it all together and actually focuses the microwaves at the dish.

Skyvista Dish Nitty Gritty 01 - 010.jpg (427240 bytes)

This is a look at our portable skid mount. As you can see, it's made of 2x6 boards and steel cable. After the Fenceposts (there are 5) are driven into the ground and bolted to the boards, the turnbuckles are used to straighten the pole so that it's plumb.

Skyvista Dish Nitty Gritty 01 - 005.jpg (589103 bytes) Skyvista Dish Nitty Gritty 01 - 006.jpg (443426 bytes) Skyvista Dish Nitty Gritty 01 - 007.jpg (664836 bytes) Skyvista Dish Nitty Gritty 01 - 008.jpg (439448 bytes) Skyvista Dish Nitty Gritty 01 - 009.jpg (373821 bytes)

Here you can see how the cabling is handled. The first picture shows the service loop. If necessary to take the dish off, it gives me some extra slack to play with. The second picture shows the lightning arrestors installed in-line with the coax cable. They look rather large because, like all of our outdoor connections, they are wrapped in two layers of rubber vulcanizing tape and two more layers of vinyl electrical tape; Scotch brand in both cases! The third picture shows the ground lug bolt. This bolt is actually screwed into the side of the mounting pole and effectively grounds everything, the pole, mount, support cables, feed arms, electronics, everything. This is a must if you want to prevent lightning damage. The surge arrestors are Gas-tube type that can suppress several lightning hits and have renewable gas tubes that can be replaced for a matter of a few dollars (versus buying new at the cost of almost $20 each!)

Skyvista Dish Nitty Gritty 01 - 002.jpg (427709 bytes)  Skyvista Dish Nitty Gritty 01 - 003.jpg (534961 bytes)  Skyvista Dish Nitty Gritty 01 - 004.jpg (344188 bytes)

This is our indoor data distribution system. This distributes the hi-speed access to our entire house and business. This is way more equipment than the average customer will have. It consists of:

A Dell PowerConnect 5012 12-port Gigabit Switch with Fiber optic capabilities (Large Flat object on bottom of stack) - This unit is what all the pc's in the office and or home pc's connect to. Notice the orange Fiber Optic cable running out of the right side, it goes to our offsite data backup server.

A Linksys WRT54G operating as a wireless access point for WiFi access to our bandwidth (for pc's with wireless connections) - The router portion of this unit is non-active.

Finally, the ViaSat LinkStar modem, the large silver horizontal unit in the middle of the stack. This is the actual satellite modem and does the communicating between our network and the Satellite system that leads us to the internet!

The last (very dark, sorry) picture is of our modified "Dell" pc. It's actually got a Compaq motherboard with an 800Mhz Pentium 3 processor and 256MB ram. It runs WinRoute and operates as our router and caching server. The neat function is that whenever a file gets downloaded by a pc on our network, this unit stores it. If that file is requested again within 3 days, instead of redownloading it, it just gets forwarded from this pc. Makes things much faster for repetetive downloads.

Interior Equipment 004.jpg (676404 bytes)  Interior Equipment 005.jpg (661200 bytes)  Interior Equipment 003.jpg (872395 bytes)  Interior Equipment 002.jpg (720161 bytes)  Skyvista Dish Nitty Gritty 02 - 007.jpg (430686 bytes)



So, in a nutshell, that is our system!

Feel free to email us with questions or comments