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We here are ICS Computers & More are thrilled to announce that we are now a dealer for SkyVista Satellite Hi-Speed Internet. This amazing service is simply "out of this world"!

Now Powered by LinkStar!


Our system is on the new LinkStar .5 x 128 plan. We are seeing average speeds of about 700-1200 kbps on our downloads and 120-170 kbps uploads. This is the lowest grade plan available from SkyVista.


Our original system went online November 29, 2006. We came into the picture on the tail end of the SurfBeam systems that SkyVista was using, powered by UnaSat. Unfortunately, for reasons that UnaSat is unwilling to disclose, they severely over-subscribed the available bandwidth causing the entire infrastructure to come screeching to a halt. SkyVista has since cut off relations with UnaSat and has ceased to sell new accounts, though they are servicing their existing accounts.

The new system SkyVista is utilizing is based on the older, but proven LinkStar modem, also built by ViaSat, as was the SurfBeam. Bandwidth is being supplied directly by ViaSat, allowing for lower contention (subscription) ratios at better prices. This will allow for more reliable connections for our customers.


To date, we have had 1 outage to rain. (A giant rain/hale storm..) We have the 1.2 meter (49 inch) dish with 2 watt transmitter. This setup is good up to 256k uploads. A 3 watt transmitter is necessary for the higher speed (384k upload) plans. Also, a 1.0 meter (37 inch) dish is available, though it will not have as good of poor weather immunity.


Here are some pictures of our system as it is installed. Please note that the "skid" that you see our dish mounted to is special, it's our portable demo mount. Normally these dishes are pole mounted in your yard somewhere....

Also, for more in-depth pictures of our system, including the portable mount and the data distribution center, click here.

The outside Dish and electronics: (Click images for larger view)

outdoor stuff - 001.jpg (388084 bytes) outdoor stuff - 002.jpg (414938 bytes) outdoor stuff - 003.jpg (415536 bytes) outdoor stuff - 004.jpg (410396 bytes)

Our Inside Electronics and data center: (Silver horizontal item in the middle of the stack is the ViaSat LinkStar modem.)

Interior Equipment 006.jpg (691717 bytes)

Overall, we are very excited over the opportunities available through this Next Generation Satellite Internet infrastructure afforded by SkyVista.... Feel free to call us with inquiries or check out our (Soon Coming!) FAQ for answers to some frequent questions. Also, check out our (Also Soon Coming!) Plain English Rundown for a comparison between SkyVista and the other satellite providers.

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