The Wood stove project!

When we found out the wood stoves on our farm didn't work Matt set out to fix that problem. He built a high-efficiency wood gasification boiler system from scratch this summer and here are some pictures of him working on it.

Building the Boiler-shed:

Matt built his own boiler-shed.
It turned out really well as this was the first building he's ever built by himself!
The finished building.
The shed after Matt got the stove placed.


Matt felt really good about how well the shed turned out. He learned a lot while doing it and with a little help from Dad he got it built in about three weeks.


Working on the Stove:

Matt working on the stove itself
Matt, the refraction pro.
The inside of the firebox.
Matt, in the skidsteer, and Dad moving the stove out of the shop and onto its slab.

He worked on the stove all summer(he was delayed due to excess repair of farm machinery too) and he was able to finish it up just before the cold weather hit! Close one!! Although he's still working some bugs out of it, he did a wonderful job and is keeping us all very warm.

Here are some pictures of Matt giving us a tour of how to stoke the stove:

We start at the wood pile.
Throw the all-ready cut wood into the loader-bucket on the tractor
Get the chain-saw ready to cut.
Matthew: the Chain-saw master.
Cutting some wood because we didn't have enough cut.
Throwing it into the fire.